Articles and mentions in media

The Dilemmas of Practicing Open Science for Junior Researchers

A colleague and I wrote a short piece on the importance and dilemmas of practicing open science for junior research. The article was published in the Norwegian journal Forskningspolitikk. The article can be accessed here.

By Lewend Mayiwar & Yooeun Jeong

Fram for troverdig forskning (Research must be transparent and verifiable)

Together with researchers at University of Oslo and Østfold University College, we wrote a short piece (in Norwegian) that announces the establishment of the Norwegian Reproducibility Network (NORRN)—a national initiative aimed at improving the transparency and reproducibility of research in Norway. The article can be accessed here.

By Agata Bochynska, Dan Quintana, Julien Mayor, Siri Leknes, Timo Roettger, Lewend Mayiwar, Tamara Kalandadze

Interview: How can leaders improve their decision making?

I was interviewed to share my thoughts on how leaders can improve their decision making by better understanding the role of emotions. The interviewed appeared in an article (in Norwegian) published in a Norwegian business magazine that can be accessed 👉 here.

By Lewend Mayiwar